Digital Core


As the urgent demand for cost reduction and efficiency improvement of oil & gas development under the low oil price market increases, how to carry out exploration and development of oil & gas resources more effectively and efficiently becomes the key concern for major oil and gas companies.

iCore’s new generation digital rock technology system, featuring the algorithm optimization and big data analysis, provides a unique solution covering the entire chain of oil & gas industry, from exploration to development, including rapid reservoir evaluation, rapid decision making for stimulation plan, formation damage evaluation.

By providing new insights of the pore-scale features, we help oilfield developers understand their reservoir and development potential more deeply. We deliver unique solutions to our clients that help them optimize their operation plan, improve their decision making efficiency and enhance their oil recovery rate.

Optimize Strategy for E&P

Key constrains of traditional laboratory core analysis:

  • Large volume, time consuming, expensive
  • Cleaning with environmentally hazardous solvent
  • Damaged and non-reusable after experiments
  • Become loose because of weathering, difficult to reserve and analyze

Solutions with digital core analysis:

  • Fast analysis without damage using only lb of samples or cuttings
  • On-site analysis, environmental friendly
  • No integrated core required, even cuttings can be used
  • Affordable and fast

Optimize Strategy for E&P


Digital Core Workflow


Current Service Summary

Digital Core Routine Analysis:

  • Porosity
  • Permeability
  • Saturation
  • Pore throat statistics

Digital Special Core Analysis:

  • Unsteady state relative perm
  • Steady state perm
  • MICP

Customized Digital Analysis:

  • Customized Digital Analysis:
  • Coreflood + uCT scan
  • Formation damage evaluation
  • EOR simulation
  • Clay 3D distribution